The cost of not taking care of your employees adds up—don’t miss out on an opportunity to improve your bottom line.

$ 1,685 annual productivity losses linked to missed work for health-related issues, per employee
$ 350 billion estimated employee disengagement costs for the U.S. economy every year
$ 450 million more work days missed for employees who are overweight, obese, and have other chronic health conditions compared to healthy employees
$ 530 billion in productivity lost each year due to worker absence and chronic conditions

Begin Saving Money with a Wellness Program Now

Poor employee health costs employers millions of dollars every year. If you’re looking to improve your bottom line and grow your company, wellness needs to be part of your business strategy. 

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Implement a Customized Wellness Solution that Meets Your Company Goals

Once you’ve identified your company goals, find a partner who offers a tailored approach that can meet those unique goals and maximize your investment. We make it easy for you by simplifying the process and offering a variety of solutions that work, as well as measurable results that prove it.

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Implement a Customized Wellness Solution that Meets Your Company Goals

Improve Your Bottom Line While Improving the Lives of Your Employees

Enjoy a benefit that pays for itself, saves your company money, and transforms your employees and company culture. Identify your business goals before you implement a customized plan.

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Change Your Company for the Better

Lower health-care costs
Lower health-care costs
Healthier employees cost less. The average benefit-to-cost ratio for wellness programs is $3 saved per $1 invested.
Increase productivity
The cost of lost productivity is triple the cost of healthcare.
Reduce absenteeism
Healthier employees are more engaged and miss less work.
Reduce workers’ compensation & disability-related costs
Reduce workers’ compensation & disability-related costs
Improving the overall health of your population results in lower workers’ compensation premiums.
Improve employee morale and loyalty
Attract and retain top talent with a tangible benefit that shows employees you care.
Transform your culture
Transform your culture
A culture of health and well-being fosters community, positive competition, and increases employee performance.


Your business is unique and so are your health and wellness goals. We help employers of all sizes and industries by providing customized workplace health solutions to meet the needs of their employees and objectives of the organization. We make it easy for you by simplifying the process and offering tried-and-true solutions that are benchmarked and evaluated to justify your investment.

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Brokers & Wellness Consultants

We know employers are looking to you for guidance on the best ways to create attractive benefit packages that keep employees healthy, happy, and productive. TargetCare is a proven partner in the wellness industry, so brokers can feel confident they are putting their clients in good hands. We do the heavy lifting—not just for our clients, but for you too.

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