Understand Your Population’s Health

Identify Potential Health Risks so You Can Avoid Future Costs

Over 85 percent of healthcare spending can be attributed to chronic disease. We know that most chronic diseases can be prevented if underlying conditions are detected early on. Our screening tools forecast risk so we can proactively manage the health of your population and avoid costly claims.

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Actionable Results for Your Company

Establish a Baseline for Your Population so You Can Benchmark Your Program Success

Think back to why you’re investing in health screenings in the first place. The more you know about the health of your population, the better business decisions you can make. Maximize your investment by utilizing the data from the screenings to assess the effectiveness of your program.

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Actionable Results for Your Employees

Provide Your Employees with Personalized Reporting and an Individual Action Plan to Reduce Their Risk

Education and awareness are the first steps toward creating change. Our model highlights the modifiable risk factors that are within each employee’s control and provides them with the accountability, tools, and support to take immediate action.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Utilize Data to Develop a Targeted Strategy

Once you’ve gained insight on the health of your population, you can start tackling the specific risk factors driving your company's risk. Take action with a purpose and offer programs that address the specific issues that are impacting your risk the most. Look at year-over-year trends to adjust your strategy and ensure continued program success.

Guide: 10 Action Steps to Improve Employee Health

Health Risk Questionnaire
Blood Draw & Biometric Measurements
Personal Health Summary Report
Individual Review of Results with Clinical Provider
Forecast Risk with Predictive Modeling
Optional Additional Testing

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

We know holding a screening event can be a big undertaking, especially for your HR department which already has enough on its plate. That’s why we do the heavy lifting to make it easier for you.


Maximize participation to get the most value out of your screening.

A testing event is only as effective as the data you get from it. In order to gather insightful data on your population, you need good participation. Your dedicated Client Manager helps with a communication strategy, incentive design, and an implementation timeline that maximizes participation to help you get the most value out of your screening.

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Our patient portal and scheduling system reduces the administrative burden on HR.

No complicated sign-ups. Employees can schedule their testing appointment using the online patient portal or by calling our office.

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We offer program analysis through data and analytics.

Figure out what’s working and what’s not to help you adjust your strategy based on the biggest areas of improvement. Our standard reporting includes:

  • Individual personal health scorecard and risk tracker number
  • Participation report
  • Aggregate baseline report
  • Aggregate year-over-year comparison report
  • ROI/savings summary report
Data Analytics & Reporting