You are your client’s trusted resource. We help you show value by bringing the best workplace health services to your client relationships.

A wellness service you can feel good about bringing to the table when your client is looking to:

  • Explore wellness program options
  • Switch programs due to lack of ROI
  • Create a great benefit package that includes a wellness program
  • Reduce health insurance claims
  • Improve employee, health, morale, productivity, and turnover

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87 % of employers are committed to workplace health
60 % of employers say workplace wellness programs reduce their healthcare costs
51 % of employers see a reduction in turnover by offering a wellness benefit
$ 1.50 to $3 average ROI for well-designed wellness programs

You want to provide value to your client. We help you do that with supporting data and analytics.

We believe in partnerships that foster accountability and trust. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with ongoing reporting to assess the effectiveness of the program. We track things like clinic utilization, ROI, and cost avoidance on an ongoing basis to help evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and how we can improve.

Data Analytics & Reporting

“I have worked with TargetCare for over 10 years, across many clients in varying industries. In every client situation where there is a need for an on-site health clinic or health coaching, TargetCare is always a part of my recommendation. The level of professionalism, innovation, and willingness to work with each unique client sets them apart from other providers. In addition, they are able to provide my clients with statistically valid, measurable change. With TargetCare, I know I am bringing the best-in-class solutions to my clients to address their employees’ health needs.”
Health Risk Consultant
Scott Insurance

We know the importance of customization and flexibility when it comes to your clients and their wellness needs.

Our customized services and technology can be tailored to fit clients of all types—regardless of their size, budget, industry, or location. Whether they’re exploring wellness programs for the first time or looking to move away from their current program due to lack of ROI, we meet them where they are in their search for workplace wellness solutions.

Our Approach


We partner with consultants who are leading the way with innovative solutions for their clients.

Our partners are forward-thinking in their approach to improve their bottom line. We provide a tangible benefit that helps employers gain a competitive edge and ultimately lowers company costs.

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