1. What are your core offerings?

  • Health clinics, screenings & assessments, engagement programs, health coaching, disease management, care navigation, mental health, digital platform
  • Based on our suite of services we can offer a hybrid model or standalone options which allows the ability to service multiple locations, serving both remote & onsite workforces

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2. What is your standard client profile?

  • Average Client Size
    • 100-10,000 lives (mid market)
  • Industries We Serve
    • Contracting, electrical, equipment distributors, financial & banking, retail, legal, manufacturing, municipalities, steel fabrication, textiles
    • Highly experienced working with clients on multi shift schedules & multiple locations
  • Service Areas/Geographic Reach:
    • Predominantly located in the Southeast however we hold a presence in the North and Midwest. Our model is built to scale and service area can expand as needed.
  • Self-insured or fully insured looking to move self insured in the near future

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3. What is your pricing structure?

  • Click here to see service pricing.

4. What information is needed to provide a formal quote?

  • Need to know:
    • Company Name (if possible)
    • # of eligible participants
    • Location(s)
    • # of locations
    • Ideal implementation timeframe
  • Nice to know:
    • Renewal date
    • Current Program Description
    • Primary Wellness Goals
    • Will an incentive be offered? If so, what kind?
    • Percentage of expected participation
    • Target budget

5. What are TargetCare's differentiators?

  • Customizable approach and ability to evolve program over time 
  • Offer hybrid solutions for multiple locations/ environments
  • Face to face, telephonic and virtual options
  • Robust reporting
  • Proactive and holistic approach

6. What type of standard reporting and program benchmarking do you provide?

  • Risk stratification
  • Program Participation
  • Clinic Activity
  • Aggregate Data (baseline & year over year comparative)
  • Quality Metrics
  • Compliance
  • Incentive tracking

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7. What is the typical implementation time for your services?

8.  What are your online portal capabilities?

  • See digital platform webpage
  • Goal Tracking, activity tracking, messaging, scheduling, incentive tracking, device integration, analytics
  • Mobile-friendly

9.  What about data integration/claims?

  • Our Health Management System allows for data integration from other sources such as medical claim data, prescription drug data, electronic health records, and predictive modeling products.
  • Data integration allows for TargetCare nurses to better manage gaps in care, medication compliance, goal setting, program compliance, ER utilization

10.  Do you assist with program communication strategy and program promotion?

Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager that will serve as the main point of contact.

Client management includes:

  • Program strategy & consultation
  • Quarterly meetings & delivery of reports
  • Customized employee communication & program promotion
  • Day-to-day communication & support

Learn more about our Client Service Managers and the rest of our team.