We help you show value by bringing the best onsite health services to your client relationships.

A health solution you can feel good about bringing to the table when your client is looking to:

  • Reduce health insurance claims
  • Explore wellness program options
  • Switch programs due to lack of ROI
  • Create a great benefit package that includes a wellness program
  • Improve employee, health, morale, productivity, and turnover
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87 % of employers are committed to workplace health
60 % of employers say workplace wellness programs reduce their healthcare costs
91 % of workers at companies that support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to do their best
$ 1.50 to $3 average ROI for well-designed wellness programs
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The TargetCare Approach: Keeping Your Clients Healthy and Happy

As a proactive company, we help your clients get ahead of healthcare costs and lead your industry. Our wellness solutions are tried and true so that all businesses can benefit from the peace of mind in knowing their investment will be well worth it for years to come.

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"TargetCare truly cares about the employees of the companies we serve. They are committed to working with us to determine solutions that work for our clients. TargetCare is very responsive to any concerns that arise and always put the best interest of the client first. We definitely appreciate this partnership!”
Health Management Consultant
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