We tackle challenges that prevent you from improving your bottom line.

The health of your employees has a direct impact on the success of your company. Our onsite healthcare solutions help you:

  • Control healthcare costs
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve employee morale
  • Enhance organizational image
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87 % of employers are committed to workplace health
60 % of employers say workplace wellness programs reduce their healthcare costs
89 % of employees at companies with wellness programs are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.
$ 1.50 to $3 average ROI for well-designed wellness programs
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How We Deliver Care

We can deliver a range of customizable services in a way that works for your company. Our services can be delivered a variety of ways: at the worksite, telephonically, or hybrid combinations of both!

The TargetCare Approach: Keeping Your Employees Healthy and Happy

As a proactive company, we help your staff get ahead of healthcare costs and lead your industry. Our wellness solutions are tried and true so that your business can benefit from the peace of mind in knowing their investment will be well worth it for years to come.

Why Focus On Employee Engagement

"Several years ago, we were faced with unsustainable increases in our health insurance costs that resulted in increased premiums and deductibles. We worked with TargetCare to launch a comprehensive wellness initiative, designed to give our associates the opportunity to improve their personal health situations. A cornerstone of our wellness program has been the onsite TargetCare clinics at our facilities. Through these clinics, TargetCare provides annual health risk assessments and continuing personalized health coaching for our associates. The healthcare professionals who staff the clinics are a valuable part of our team and our wellness initiative with TargetCare has been a huge success."
VP of HR
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Why Invest In Onsite Healthcare?

How Reliable Workplace Solutions Help You and Your Employees

As an employer, you have a responsibility to create a safe and productive work environment for your employees- especially now more than ever. Sure, a primary benefit of an onsite healthcare program is the lower healthcare costs for you, but it can benefit your employees as well.

Here's a resource to help you see if you’re missing out on something that could benefit both your company and your employees’ health.

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