Providing Comprehensive Employee Care Through:


In-Network Referrals
Connecting employees to high-quality, cost-effective, and in-network primary care and specialty physicians.
Addressing Barriers to Care
Considering the impact of social determinants on each health journey to connect employees with the best care.
Promoting Client Benefit Offerings
Promoting and supporting additional client benefit offerings including EAPs, telehealth, insurance carrier services and more.
Ongoing Support & Management
In-person or virtual follow-up by your provider to ensure each employees' health journey is on track.
Healthcare Literacy
One-on-one support to guide and educate employees on health terminology, symptom management, and diagnoses.

Helping Employees Navigate the Complex Healthcare System

Having an onsite presence can do more than address acute and chronic care needs. With a focus on education and helping employees navigate the employer-sponsored benefits available to them, our onsite providers are able to fill gaps in care by providing them with the next level of support needed. We take a whole person approach to healthcare - meaning we take into account the uncontrollable barriers that might impact an employee's access to care.

Why Focus On Care Navigation


Closing Gaps In Care

Our hands-on approach to employee healthcare helps connect patients with the resources available to them outside our company's offerings. Whether that's finding high-quality and cost-effective specialists or connecting employees with their employer-sponsored telehealth platform, our focus is on making care accessible and convenient. We'll start by using claims data to address:

  • Chronic condition gaps in care
  • Age/gender specific preventive screenings
  • Medication compliance
  • Appropriate level of care usage (ER & urgent care over-utilization)