COVID-19 Screening Options

Prevent and Minimize the Spread of COVID-19 Through Screening and Assessment Tools

Your workforce is your most valuable asset, and you want to make sure you’re keeping them safe and healthy amid the pandemic. We help you understand the available testing options and what you need to consider when implementing testing within your population. Testing options include: 

  • COVID-19 viral testing (PCR)
  • COVID-19 antibody testing (serology)
  • Temperature screenings
  • Symptom tracking 
  • Contact tracing

COVID-19 Services Overview


COVID-19 Support Line

Gain Access to Our Team of Trusted Health Professionals Through Our Support Line

Ensure your employees are being taken care of with the clinic guidance they need as they navigate the pandemic. Our support line provides the following telehealth services:

  • COVID-19 symptom triage per CDC guidelines
  • Guidance on returning to work or staying at home based on regularly updated CDC guidelines
  • Assistance finding COVID-19 testing sites
  • COVID-19 FAQ’s, education and resources
  • Stress and anxiety management

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Return-to-Work Services

Remove the Burden From HR by Allowing a Third Party to Effectively Manage the Return-to-Work Evaluation Process

Nervous about going back to work? So are your employees. We’re here to help ensure that employees who need to stay at home are directed to do so, and strive to get employees back to work, only when we know it’s safe for them to return.

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COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

Provide Employees with a COVID-19 Questionnaire to Help Navigate Symptoms and Ease the Return-to-Work Process

Using a digital COVID-19 symptom tracker, we evaluate employees' symptoms based on the latest CDC guidelines for virus detection and workplace management. This keeps employee awareness high and limits symptomatic exposure, preventing employees with known symptoms from returning to work, lessening the spread. Tracker includes:

  • Standard CDC-based questions, plus custom questions by your organization
  • Easy-to-read indicator of PASS/FAIL
    • Instructions on calling into COVID support line
  • Alerts for failed assessments
  • Reports to comply with state regulations
  • No more paper tracking
  • e-Waiver
  • Free/unlimited guest screenings


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Screening & Assessment Tools
COVID-19 Support Line
Return-to-Work Evaluation Services
COVID-19 Resource Library
COVID-19 Prevention: Workplace Programs
Stress & Lifestyle Management

We Focus on COVID-19 So You Can Focus on Running Your Business

Whether it’s setting up protocols for on-site temperature screenings or providing access to our COVID-19 support line to support employees who have symptoms, we’re here to help.


Control Employees' Vulnerability to COVID-19 Through Workplace Health Programs

Employees with chronic health conditions like diabetes and hypertension are at a higher risk for COVID-19-related complications. Managing these conditions helps improve the health of your employees and reduce costs for your company.

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Support Employee Behavioral Health Through Stress and Lifestyle Management Tools

Did you know 70% of workers say they feel more stressed during COVID-19 than at any other point in their professional career? Now more than ever, people need greater access to high-quality mental healthcare. Our employee mental health services range from basic tools and resources to top-level, one-on-one support with trusted mental health experts.

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Get Employer and Employee Downloads Through Free Access to Our COVID-19 Educational Library

Gain access to our resource library that contains downloadable educational content on all things COVID-19. Choose from a variety of topics that pertain to both employers and employees.