Address Mental Health Before It Becomes a Crisis

The Cost of Mental Health Is Double, Sometimes Triple, the Cost of Healthcare

Companies are recognizing the costs associated with not addressing employee mental health issues. Behavioral health conditions cost companies money directly for treatment expenses and indirectly from increased healthcare expenditures, turnover, and diminished productivity.

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Meet the Growing Demand

Join the Leading Companies Who Are Addressing the High Demand for Mental Health Support

We help companies make mental health services more accessible in the workplace by offering a variety of tools and resources to improve well-being. We encourage investments that will provide real improvements in employee outcomes and company performance.

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Take a Holistic Approach to Wellness

Get the Most Out of Your Investment by Taking a Holistic Approach and Prioritizing Mental Health

When it comes to reducing lost productivity costs, mental health can often be overlooked due to the stigma in the workplace. Start saving more and improve ROI by integrating mental health as an essential aspect of your wellness program.

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One-on-One Support
through individual counseling sessions for employees experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression.
Connect Wherever, Whenever
Connect by phone, video or app. Give employees access to mental health resources whenever, wherever.
Behavioral Health Screenings
Bring awareness to mental illness in the workplace so you can offer support and resources to those in need.
Targeted Programs
Address stress and anxiety management by providing employees with mental health tools in both group and individual settings.
Health Navigation
Connects employees to additional mental health resources and bridges the gap between EAP integration and next-level behavioral support.
Virtual and Real-Time
Combination of virtual and real-time behavioral healthcare helps meet employees where they are and addresses mental health at the workplace.

Take part in ending the stigma.

What was previously a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to mental health in the workplace has now become “do ask, do tell, let’s talk.”


Mental health predicts the incidence of serious—and expensive—medical conditions.

Stress and depression increase not just the costs associated with treating behavioral health problems, but also the incidence of other costly physical diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and coronary artery disease. It’s important to have a program that simultaneously tackles chronic disease and focuses on preventing mental illness from turning into a greater, costlier outcome.

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Mental Health Two-Pager

Learn More About Our Mental Health Services

Now more than ever, people need greater access to high-quality mental healthcare. Our employee mental health services range from basic tools and resources to top-level, one-on-one support with trusted mental health experts. Additional services include:

  • Behavioral health screenings
  • Targeted programs
  • Educational webinar
  • One-on-one support