Improve morale and loyalty by providing  tangible benefit for your employees.

Creating a culture of wellness helps employees feel engaged and gives them a sense of belonging. It's a tangible way to show you care and makes for happier, healthier employees.

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87 % of employers are committed to workplace wellness
60 % of employers say workplace wellness programs reduce their healthcare costs
51 % of employers see a reduction in turnover by offering a wellness benefit
$ 1.50 to $3 average ROI for well-designed wellness programs

Real results for your employees, from real people.

Employees need guidance in understanding their health information and the tools to make healthier and lasting lifestyle changes. Our providers meet your employees where they are and guide them towards making healthy behavior changes.

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"I realized after receiving my CHA results report that my PSA value was abnormal. During my review appointment, the TargetCare nurse encouraged me to follow-up with my doctor. My doctor re-checked my labs, and I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Thankfully, I am now cancer-free and TargetCare saved my life!"
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High-tech with a personal touch creates real change.

Personal, one-on-one interactions with health coaches provide accountability and support to your employees, helping them to make realistic, sustainable lifestyle changes. Access to providers, wellness challenges, and health trackers through our digital portal means your employees receive the constant attention, education and care to help them drive down risk for chronic disease.

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Health is personal. So are we.

We know wellness can be confusing and intimidating to navigate. That’s why we’re here to guide employees through every step of their health journey and serve as both a clinical expert and a personable, real human they can count on. Our providers are approachable and serve as a resource to ensure you and your employees have a good experience. Your people will notice the difference.

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